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Chimney Flue Gaskets

Product Description

Chimney / Flue Venting Gasket
Material: Silicone, EPDM
Size:60,800,100,125......up to 315
Chimney Flue Gaskets

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Guarnizioni per canne fumarie

Guarnizioni per canne fumarie

Camino / canna fumaria di ventilazione Guarnizione
Materiale: Silicone, EPDM
Dimensioni: 60.800.100,125 mila ...... fino a 315

Juntas chimenea de humos

Chimenea / ventilaciĆ³n de humos Junta
Material: Silicona, EPDM
TamaƱo: 60800100125 ...... hasta 315
Silicone tubing, Silicone hose, Silicone Extruding Profile,NON-toxic EPDM tubing, Silicone tubing, Gasket and sealing profile for Curtain wall, Window & Door. Clip rubber profiles. O-ring cord. Concrete pipe gaskets profiles Rubber Seal for ventilation ducts &fittings, spiro ducts, PVC water pipes,Bellow, washer, light gasket, bumper, buffer, anti-vibration damper, rubber-metal bonded, O-ring Industrial rubber hose & tubing              
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